Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Colonial 2010

Went to the Colonial on Saturday and it was SCORCHING hot!!! I think it was 95 in the shade.  Every year afterward I tell myself we are not doing this again next year...but we always do.  It really is fun hanging out with everyone and despite the heat we had a lot of fun!  The only thing that made it worse this year is that our A/C went out on Friday so we spent the entire weekend without cool air to come home to.  It wasn't too bad since we spent most of the weekend busy and not at home but the A/C guy is fixing the fan as we speak so I will go home to a nice cool house!

A few fun girls saoking up the sun...
Me, Lindsay, Jennifer, & Heather

Miss Ashely Nickell

Mrs. Jennifer Howard

Miss Lindsay Joyce
and last but cerntainly not least...
Scott, Tony, Donny, & Jeff

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