Monday, May 24, 2010

John's 28th Birthday @ PK

We went to PK this past weekend and had a blast as ususal!  We just laid back and enjoyed some peace and quiet.  We did have a little excitement on Saturday afternoon when John and Eric found an abandoned sail boat nearby.  John contemplated the idea of sailing it for awhile then hopped on and sailed away! It was pretty funny with the ripped sail but quite impresssive that he was out there raging the rapids and steering without any problem...he got up to like 20 mph! It was really windy out there.

After being pushed to the other side of the cove and having no way home, Eric rescued him with his fishing boat...

They endured the fighting for several minutes before deciding to re-abandon the ship and call it a day.

Among the many hi-lights of the weekend we saw a snake, several lizzards, too many nasty spiders, and my first live coyote! I was so excited.  I have heard them in the distance all my life but have never actually SEEN one live and in person. 
What can I say, I dig the wilderness :) 

I also had to take some pictures of the Brazos on our way home b/c it was sooo red and looked pretty next to the gorgeous color green of the grass and trees.

Donny would also like for me to post a picture of a rotting dead coyote by the side of the road but I will spare y'all.

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  1. Thanks for sparing us the pic of the dead coyote! :)