Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guadalupe River 2010

Its that time of year! For our annual float trip down the Guadalupe.  There were 14 of us this year.  We stayed in cabins vs. camping like we usually do.  Thank goodness we did because it was SOOOOO hot!!!! The water was FREEZING!!! Definitely colder than usual, I am assuming its because it is so early in the year.  We cooked out Friday night, woke up to breakfast burritos (which I did not get to participate in b/c of some bad McDonald's from the day before - i do not eat McDonald's usually but b/c we were on the road I made an exception...never again)... then ate at the Gristmill in Gruene for dinner Saturday night.  Great trip! Great times! Great people!

Couples that went:
Donny & Christi Garcia
Tony Kim & Lindsay Joyce
Justin & Jennifer Howard
Jody & Erica Setliff
Alan Starr & Candess Herring
Jeff & Stacey Thomas
Billy & Amanda McGough


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