Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Hiatus...

Well folks, we are going to take a hiatus from this personal blogging until our family starts to grow... I just don't feel the need to disclose every social outing we have...and I don't think you all really care that much about the party we went to last weekend...that's what facebook is for anyway, right?

In the meantime, Donny and I decided that we are going to start a blog about food - since eating is our favorite thing to do!  Especially eating out.  I have read multiple reviews on line and I just think I can do better than them.  One blog in particular sent us to a restaurant that was NOT what it was made out to be.  So, how do you ensure something is done right? Do it yourself. 

We are calling it 'Funky Town Food Critic'.  Check it out when you have a chance or when you just can't figure out where you want to eat tonight.  I have been to well over half the restaurants in FW and would consider my palette pretty experienced.  I dare you to visit these places and prove me wrong :).

See ya back here in a few months!
Until them...

Love, The Garcia's

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